I love what I do.

It's hard for me to stay still without the need of creating something new. 
I am a Creative/Art Director, illustrator, designer, and motion graphics artist, still in my early career. 

Besides loving every simple pleasure of life, I like everything related to branding, trends, strategy, visual concepts, creativity, animation, communication and advertising.
I am mostly a visual guy.
Brand creation, logo design, illustration, video design, technology, animation, you name it.
Couldn't be more thankful for everyone I had the joy to work with, for everything i learned so far by teaming up with all kinds of creative minds, entrepreneurs, artists, strategists, creative directors or simply creative thinkers .
If you think this is the moment to make your project, brand or company taking the next step, let me know how I can help you. Drop me a message, grab your coffee cup and let's start. 

Brand Experience
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